Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Getting ready to go live...

Ive been working on a couple of projects with Shetland Drums for a few months now, and this week will see a crucial point in the launch of the new look shop, with the release of the new website! *Now live!

The brief for the website is for it to be totally updatable by phone, by the guys in the shop. So I have seen myself being up into the little hours crunching code, trying to figure out the API's for Twitter and Flickr, so we can pull live content from these social media sites using appropriate tags. The beauty of this is that with all the images hosted at flickr, we use very little of our own webspace, and also don't duplicate things!

There is a few unstable bits, but these can be worked on, and think we'l get a better idea after using it for a while. This has been a great project, i just love the idea of utilizing these websites for ease of updating.

More about Shetland Drums coming shortly...

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