Wednesday, 11 November 2009

An award winning cactus costume

A bit of fun from last weekend, I was on my friend Kirsty's birthday bus, which had a theme of green. Harder to come up with something for that than you'd think!
After realizing a bogey was going to be quite boring, I got the idea to dress as a cactus. Originally it was going to just be a box painted green with cable ties sticking out, but I found these perfect bits of foam, from an old chair which were coloured exactly right! Bonus. Well they did smell a bit but that didn't matter.
The foam was from the arms of an old chair, and only needed some slight alterations to be right for cactus arms and legs! For the spikes - 100 cable ties, and a couple of hours on Friday night threading them through the foam and box (for main body).
The costume all set to go on Saturday!
Im a cactus! A runner up in best costume prize cactus!
We ended up at the Winter Rally @ Pierhead Bar where the Revellers were playing, was a great night! Above pic my bro and a half unspiked cactus!

Another genius idea I just had to do, and gave to a friend to wear, was the Windmill Costume - green energy. Oh yuss!

Hope nobody thinks I'm a complete idiot now...

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