Monday, 30 March 2015

Visual Thought

Screenprinted in black on Simili Japon - 225gsm

Originally I was interested to capture this atmospheric grainy vision of the ball. (The ball of course being the most important part of a pinball machine.) Test prints led me on to other pinball related parts, the flipper and the bumper. The fragments come together to create this vague presence of the 3D objects.

In a way, the pieces represent my visual thinking and mental images of these objects. Attempting to recreate what I see when picturing these object in my head.

The process of creating these pieces is a means of developing what I do with these thoughts. It's helping how I choose to develop this project from a much different approach than I normally do.

Why pinball? My current project is exploring pinball and I've been playing a lot. Bit obsessed really.

Some thoughts
It makes me think about how objects & thoughts are perceived based on where and how they exist.

Attempting to create artwork from my visual thinking and mental image of objects and ideas.

A 3D object which exists digitally can have this presence in reality but still not really exist.

Could be interesting to use the same base files, but reproduce in many outputs. The base file represents the initial thought and the process of output is how that thought gets placed into reality, most likely completely changing between the different types of output.

Already, thinking about this too much is making me slightly confused about what it all means. I think there is something there. Just go with it.

(Note to self - to create the effect)

Digitally create 3D objects.

Steps to achieve the diffusion dither:
  1. Illustrator - export JPG @ 300dpi greyscale
  2. Photoshop - Bitmap -> Diffusion Dither 300dpi
  3. Photoshop - Greyscale
  4. Photoshop - Bitmap -> Diffusion Dither 200dpi
Doing the process twice seems to achieve the effect I was trying to achieve.
Now output on folex to screenprint specs then print.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Ball Saver

"For a limited time, every ball that goes down the drain will be returned to the plunger. Usually only available when starting with a new ball (to compensate for "unfair" very fast drains), it will also be available during the start of multiballs on later machines."  Source

After a new approach to my current project, I am currently exploring and producing work with a more 'sketch' based approach, with more emphasis on having fun making rather than worrying about a pre-defined outcome.

Ball Saver is a framed piece of pinball inspired artwork meant to be hung on a wall.

The outcome as it is right now has it's problems, like the balls getting jammed so you need to shake the frame. I had my suspicions this would happen, but maybe this is like nudging or shaking when you play pinball.

I love coming up with ideas like this. They tend to come from sketch book work, tiny aha moments that I quickly doodle. Usually something I find humorous or pleasing. Is that quite self indulgent? I don't know yet. Does it matter now? No.

In this case I also decided to visualise the idea digitally, I think this helps develop the idea in order to execute it. I'm trying to be aware not to over work the ideas, as this takes away from the fun and sketchy nature I'm trying to achieve. Know when to walk away!
Initial visualisation
Part of what I enjoy is sourcing the materials, getting everything ready and working out how to build it. Although it does take some time for all the pieces to come together, the time actually helps me figure things out. Problem solving basically.

Sketch book: Cardboard planning the size and shape. And right planning the spring launcher parts.
Defining a size of A4 made it easy to make decisions on a few things, like the size of the ball bearings required. I could then source these online and move on with working out the shape and layout of the wooden spacer parts in the frame and the spring launcher. I didn't know if this would actually work until I put it all together, springs are quite hard to find, between Screwfix and eBay I found what I needed.

I have a few more sketches in the works and hope to share more soon. Perhaps together the sketches will form a body of work for an exhibition?