Thursday, 17 November 2011


During the third week of the Handmade Graphic Design Nightclass I am running with Adult Learning course supported by Shetland Arts the class experimented with print. We used Potatos (yay!) as a introduction to relief printing methods.

You may say this is a very basic introduction, and you would be right, but it gives an insight into how more advanced techniques, such as letter press and lino print work. Some of the class got the chance to experiment with lino cutting and stamping, which worked great. Over the next three weeks the class will have the opportunity to apply these print techniques to their projects if they so wish. Now the pictures:

All the potato prints cut by the learners

The alphabet

Wrapping Paper
Look into my eye
Chainsaw's symbols
Show me your teeth
Visual Design - Saul Bass inspired prints
The Tattie Alphabet
Everyone's cut potatos
Dogfish and Trexmas
Why so Serious?
Papa de diamante
Messy tattie alphabet