Thursday, 30 April 2015

Particle Memory

Screenprinted in purple and black on Simili Japon - 225gsm

Continuation of grainy 3D visions of pinball parts drawn from memory. Using Google Sketch Up to recreate a playfield digitally, before screenprinting. Experimenting. Sketching.

Some problems with the output quality of my separations for screenprint (from the free printers at art school - so can't complain!). And I stitched together two A3s to make A2 so the join is fairly prominent due to the nature of the artwork.

The plan is to go bigger, maybe A1.

The Sketch Up export before diffusion dither. I found from the original prints its best to have lots of gradients and greys, keeping limited or no blacks (which would print solid black)

Detail of the grain. Note the shadow areas are still made up of dots due to not being black in the original file.