Monday, 4 April 2016

Now Play This!

Somerset House
1st – 3rd April

I was lucky to be part of this exhibition, latching onto State of Play games fame with my commissioned digital print as part of their launch.

 Crashing the opening night party, which was also the London Games Festival opening night, I felt very out of place, between business investors and games developers. I'm the guy that made the print.

Canapés and quartet type of night. The Quartet recited classic video game songs.

Real buzz about State of Play's stand. First time the world have played the new game

The print glowing away

 Other works were AWESOME!


Action Painter Pro

Joy Exhibition

Orthogonal Diagonal

What a great exhibition. Very inspiring, and making me realise the amount of artists using games as part of their work.

There was so much more over the weekend but unfortunately my budget didn't allow to stay for the weekend!

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