Thursday, 14 January 2016

Pinball Digital Print Series

I've been thinking that there is a big chance that the pinball machine (which is my main MA project incase you hadn't guessed or just dropped on by) won't be finished/won't work/will break down etc. So I'd like to supplement my work in the final show with some more printmaking work, to showcase what I do fully if something does go wrong.

So in how pleased I am with how the work for the student exchange exhibition is going I have a concept to make a larger series of pinball prints the same but using different pinball machines.


  • A set of prints, exhibition ready, depicting pinball machines from the 70s and 80s.
  • The prints are screenprinted, however the playfield section is removed revealing a concealed digital screen looping gameplay videos of real pinball machines.
  • The machines would be picked by me, I may have played the machine or have some sort of connection to the machine.
  • The gameplay videos are taken from YouTube and Twitch, where there is a current phenomenon of people recording themselves playing all types of games.
  • The set of prints could work on their own regardless if the pinball machine is ready, it's something I just about have a 'template' for how it works so should be a case of mass production.

    Ideas for machines?
    With hundreds of possibilities how do I choose which machine? I have a list of all the ones I have played which would be a good place to start but other ideas are possible.

    I start to notice machines on TV shows and films, and always have a look in a pub window when I walk past incase they happen to have one. It's like a game to spot the pinball machine now.

    My initial four shortlist of machines to focus on are as follows
    • Wizard (1975)
      • Played at Pinball Madness league and love it - also people know the Who song
    • Centaur (1981)
      • Want to cover a range of eras and Centaur marks a time when pinball was fighting against the video game
    • Nip-It (1971)
      • It features in Happy Days it's in Al's Diner. Also has interesting flippers which nip/snap like a crocodile! Never played it but looks fun!
    • Supersonic (1979)
      • It's the donor game for my custom machine, it would be nice to pay homage to it
    Nip-It features in Happy Days which was a memory of pinball for lots of people
    I love the idea of using references like this "the machine that was in the diner in happy days", the machine based on pinball wizard by The Who etc. I'm trying to evoke nostalgia.

    I'l continue working on ideas for machines, it would be nice to have quite a large set of print, but it can be an ongoing project.

    Many pinball prints lined up on a wall would be like a mini arcade.

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