Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Hit the ground running

I'm about to embark on my final year of MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking at UWE, Bristol.
The crescendo to the three years is, of course, the degree show in June 2016.

I've been on a bit of a journey, exploring themes of the digital presence in the physical world, games and play as art (in the artists making process, and interactivity for the viewer). Leading me to pinball which I have been thoroughly researching, playing and making work in response to over the past year.

Although it hasn't been easy to work it all out, I'm now making links between these areas of interest, working towards extending my practice through a refined body of work and the final group exhibition.

Conceptually I am exploring the relationship between digital and physical objects using the theme of games and play - specifically pinball.

The Starting Line
With a world of possibilities, I'm setting myself some pretty clear goals to start out with, I'm hoping setting some boundaries will allow me to work purely creatively. These outcomes are totally flexible, but to achieve what I want to this year, I need to focus. Time is tight. No fucking around.

This also marks the start of a 3D sketchbook, where I visualise ideas digitally (in addition to a traditional sketchbook) in order to plan and communicate more effectively.

1.  Pinball Machine - Physical & digital
2.  Marble/Pinball Wall Run - integrated into my exhibition space

3. Mini Print - a playground for the direction + style of my work

More on progress in each individual part as time goes on. Which it will. Fast.

Project Management
I'm using GitHub to project manage.
Check my Pinball repository over on GitHub.

Let's go!
So wish me luck, feel free to get in contact either by commenting, emailing or over on twitter.

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