Thursday, 7 May 2015


Plywood, screenprint & recycled pinball parts. Process and progress of a new sculptural piece.

Carefully reproduced section of artwork from an existing pinball machine playfield (Twilight Zone, the top rated according to the Internet Pinball Machine Database).

The printed artwork is currently being deconstructed into sections with the plan to reassemble into a 3D object.

The object vs the planner

The idea was to create three dimensional, geometric sculptures. To plan this object somehow I found myself in the computer lab, planning out this object I envisioned using Google Sketch Up.

What I came up with (above) was guided quite heavily by the software and my limitations to create what I see in my head. This seems to be a theme of my recent work, visual memory and thought.

I had to stop and tell myself that this isn't the way. This idea of always having to plan out every detail is exactly what I'm moving away from, in search of becoming more creative and playful in the making process. So put down the keyboard and mouse, pickup the saw and make that first cut...

Makeshift workshop
First cut. Unplanned, jagged and squint. It felt good and I know it's right.

In the absence of planning and design come pure creativity.

I have so many options at my disposal via art school. I know I can use any of the tools, band saw, cnc, lasers. For now I'm drawn in with the simplicity of sawing by hand, and having direct contact and input into what I'm working on. I'll be able to produce much faster using the tools available.

Printing process
To me it was important the sections looked as close to the original as possible, I spent considerable time reproducing a section of artwork in illustrator before, roughly matching colours and screenprinting onto ply.
Printing process. Base layer and first colour

Printing process: 3 colours of six - red

Printing process: The two blue layers added before going on to print black

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