Thursday, 21 May 2015

A catalogue of assemblages

Explorations into assemblage using recreated artwork from top rated pinball machine, The Twilight Zone. The assemblages are to appear to have used and deconstructed the original playfields from the game, in the hope to provoke a reaction and outrage of such an act.

Assemblages are a mixture of pre-planned and freestyle, documenting possible different outcomes.

The outcome for me personally is to explore new ways of creating work.
When I'm more comfortable with the pre-planned route in the most part I want to show differences in restriction in the outcome and processes of creativity:

item 1 - completely free style,
item 2 - mix of planned and freestyle,
item 3 - completely planned.

Read previous post including the process of printing and recreating the artwork.

1. Sawn

  • 1.1

  • Process

    Hand sawn - freestyle

2. Triangulate 

  • 2.1

  • 2.2


  • 2.3


  • 2.4

  • 2.6

  • 2.7

  •  Process for item 2

Triangulated by colour and converted to vector lines

3. Polyhedron

  • 3.1

  • Process for item 3

Roughly planned pre-laser cut

Michael Pecirno  - The Air Above
How to Lasercut Polyhedra