Sunday, 29 May 2011


At the start of this year, to get ourselves back into the way of working and using our sketchbooks, alongside Andrew Morrison of New Dead Language / Co:Lab we set out to get back to basics with a week long "Doodle Week". (See post here). Doodle week looks set to become an ongoing exercise.
The rules were simple, each member must produce one sketch per day, with the main objective to get back into the way of working after the holidays but also to have a, lets say, "bank" of possible ideas to take forward and produce into prints.

The original shown above. A few people have asked, "what does it mean?". I'm not ashamed to say it has no meaning, it was totally a case of visualizing an image in my head and putting pencil to paper to make it a reality. I did want to create a sense of spookiness/eeriness/weirdness, I hope it comes across.

It could be said the girl takes influence from the twins in 1980 psychological horror film, The Shining. The girls in the film may have been based on a photo by American photographer Diane Arbus - 1967 photo of identical twins shown below:

It may be interesting to make a matching print of the girls twin, but that will be something for another day... For now the final print below:

You can see I kept pretty true to the original sketch, I already had a good idea for how I wanted it to look when I did it, so it was quite a seemless process from sketch to print, just spanned out over a much longer time than I normally work ie not to set deadline, exhibition, client etc.

Sketch produced in January and artwork inked over the next few months when I had a spare moment, to final print in mid May.

Colour: 2 Layers - black on red
Size: A4
Edition: 10
Stock: Revive 100 325gsm Matt
Signed and numbered

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