Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Printing with a view

Ahhhh! Holidays!
Holidays! And great weather for printing outside! We are house sitting for a work colleague, out in the country, great to get away from town for a while.
Clouds inspiration
The inspiration: The clouds + sky, has been great, so decided to to a print based around that.
Skytone matching
Skytone matching system.

Printing with a view - what more could you ask for?

Also have 4 little helpers, who come to check up on me every so often.
Clouds print
It's a one colour print on A3. Thinking it will look good framed.
Small limited edition of 4.

Was trying to achieve a framed view of the sky I've been staring at the last few days, almost like looking out a window. Hopefully when we're back in town, I can get this up on the wall, and be reminded of this great weather and country air!

I'm working on something else for the next few days based on some completely different inspiration since being out here, so hopefully have more to show soon. Also hoping the weather hold out! Enjoy!


  1. It look like your my neighbour for a few days!!!

  2. Aw! I never noticed! Do you live out that way?