Thursday, 11 February 2010

Co:Lab - Turn Your Cash into Trash

The Co:Lab team have been busy this week screenprinting the next brief of experimental artwork. The brief was: in the set timescale of one flexible week, each Co:Lab member was to create a two colour advert with the freedom to advertise absolutely anything we wanted.

My reply to the brief - "Ad Revamps":
The concept was to take existing adverts and classifieds found in newspapers/shop windows/signs, which are selling second hand goods, and redesign them.

I discovered a few ads I felt fit the bill, such as one selling a "Geto Blaster" (spelling as original ad) also a car costing only "15£" (again direct quote from original ad) but quickly got inspired with an advert for a "Gas Cooker" with "Four Hobs", which became the final print. With extra time from the early burst of inspiration I decided to take on the other two ads as well, with scope for an ongoing ad revamp project. (Geto Blaster + Car below - Digital versions)

The printing of my final advert went relatively without a hitch, compared to our first night of printing when we blew two bulbs in our exposing lamp, causing one screen to fail. But we used the extra time with Andrew's print to our advantage by experimenting. I took on board some Co:Lab colour theory learnt from that night - namely the orange shown below, which we realised from some of Andrew's test prints.
Co:Lab Ad
Again, we took some time to experiment with some other variants and even learning to not get too excited about mixing colours to forget to dry screen before printing!
Co:Lab Ad
Co:Lab Ad
And finally a one off - a possible colour choice for a scary Co:Lab project coming soon.
Co:Lab Ad test
To see the other prints from the Advert brief head over to the Co:Lab Blog.

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