Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Too Fast

Anyone looking out of their windows in the early hours of this morning may have been shocked to see a man running around waving his arms. I'd like to say thank you for not phoning the police, and it was not a mad man, but it was me... at work..?

Shetland Youth Theatre are putting on a production of "Too Fast", By Douglas Maxwell, directed by John Haswell - part of The National Theatre Connections. (more info and tickets)

Having only 24 hours to do the artwork for the promotional material, the director John Haswell and myself sat down and did some research into ideas for the poster. After a while we came up with the idea of using light graffiti to create a surreal, artificial look, mixed with a real world scene.

But with no stock photography on hand, the challenge was to get this ready overnight. At 4.30pm I ran over to the nearest DIY store, Frank Williamson's, and found a cheap LED torch. Just one of them ones that can connect to your keys.

The problem with this being a rushed project, I had already made plans for my Tuesday night. Leaving no time to work at night. My plan was to get up at 6am Wednesday to catch the last bit of darkness before sunrise at 7.41am. But came 3am I was wide awake in bed ready to go - so I just got up and started with some indoor (warm) tests.

I got the camera ready inside - and after I was happy with the technique I was ready to move outside and for more space to experiment and have fun.
A selection of some of the different options we had for the poster.