Thursday, 17 February 2011

Beard Sea

This week I have been hand cutting a woodblock based on one of the doodles from our Co:Lab February Doodle Week. (Sketch below)

More about the doodle: The idea of doodle week is to come up with ideas everyday for possible prints. I stretched the rules a little bit - in that on doodle week Tuesday - I sketched the wavy lines which I wanted to be a rough sea, but wasn't sure where it was going so gave up for the day. When I revisited it on the Wednesday I instantly saw a beard - I must have been inspired a little bit by Up Helly Aa season and Vikings. So - Beard Sea!

For me the idea was screaming out to be a woodblock print so I got carving...

Inked up and ready to print:

The final prints:

Hip hip hooray!!

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