Monday, 8 February 2010

Miss Scarlett with the Revolver in the Billiard Room *SET FOR SALE

These are the three small pieces I exhibited @ Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland during the christmas exhibition 2009.

The concept behind them was after a bit of brainstorming about christmas, I realised it was the only time of year when everyone gathers around to play board games, and coincidentally - according to some people, the time of year one would have to put up with relatives that stay around too long, which may lead to the popular game of Cluedo becoming reality... fortunately I never had that problem myself...

Above my original sketches based on the actual playing pieces from Cluedo. I wanted to produce really fine, delicate paper cuts. The delicateness of the pieces contrasting with the actual subject matter. You can see my original revolver, although based on the piece looks more like a banana that a weapon, I decided for the final piece I would update the revolver to a modern style one seen in Bond movies etc. (in hindsight, I should have also updated the Cluedo spanner to a common shifter style spanner.)

The knife - cut and ready to be mounted - very happy with the knife and gun.

Surprisingly, a very last minute realization on my behalf, was to mount the paper cut weapons on coloured card corresponding to different characters in the game. I thought when they were up on the wall @Bonhoga people could emphasize much more with them if they were named:
"Professor Plum with the Spanner in the Conservatory" (purple)
"Colonel Mustard with the Dagger in the Study" (yellow)

"Miss Scarlett with the Revolver in the Billiard Room" (red)

SET FOR SALE - only £35 for all 3 (inc postage)!