Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Art of Ping Pong

I have started a new blog documenting my 'The Art of Ping Pong' project. View blog @

The Art of Ping Pong was my submission from last years YCN Student Awards on the Anomaly brief to encourage people to play more table tennis. See YCN.

At that stage the project was only conceptual, I had never thought I would have the chance to actually make the table become a reality but I had always wanted to push it forward.

The idea is that the table surface records where the ping pong ball makes contact with the table during gameplay to create original pieces of art. The interactive surface is animated and you create this artwork live, think, digital painting with a ping pong ball. Watch the video!

There is numerous ways this could be done, some Ive touched on - do I have a huge multi touch screen, iPad!? Is it projected? Video tracking of the ping pong ball? An array of LED's set up as sensors to record points of contact and also display the animated artwork? I wouldnt know where to start with alot of these things, some of which I don't even know are possible!

The Art of Ping Pong - ArtworkAnd then setting up a clever programme to take in this information and record it, I thought it would be able to recognise when there was a foul, a serve. Record speed, rally etc. And give stats for you game. There would be obvious things to take into consideration such as someone touching the table, or bouncing the ball by hand, both could confuse it depending how its done. Then the art work would be ready to print and display when more games are played (and beers consumed) at a night/event/tournament.

I want to be physically involved with building this and want to learn how all these things work, but as I know very little about making these things work, I want to know if anyone can help point me in the right direction or interested in collaborating with me to bring the table to life.

The Art of Ping Pong Blog

Thanks for having a look, and enjoy this video mocking up the idea...

The Art of Ping Pong - YCN/Anomaly Commendation 0809 from Jono Sandilands on Vimeo.