Thursday, 26 May 2016

Never: Backbox

The backbox was something I had always planned to review at the time of completing the playfield. There was a question if I was going to have one or not, due to tight timescales.

Now that work on playfield assembly is almost completed it is the time to get the backbox done. I really think it is a necessary component, but my design is very simply a lightbox style backbox. At this point it will have no interactivity with the game only as a sign like panel.

I'm doing this alongside some other little bits and pieces that I'm still finishing up on the playfield

Making the Lightbox frame

The backbox is 600x600mm, so I knock up the outter frame with some timber the depth I require
It's simply glued and pinned together, held roughly in place with ratchet straps. It doesn't really need to be perfect.
Giving an idea for my more slimline approach, theres no electronics or mechanisms to be housed in the backbox so it can be a little smaller. I had already designed a flat panel at the top of the cabinet for this size.

It totally transforms the feel of the machine, realise how important the backbox is for the pinball aesthetic

The frame is sprayed to match the cabinet, with a handcut stencil this time with simple graphics
I'm using 'L' shaped trim to hide the fixing of the perspex, deciding which colour to go for. Yellow is too weak!
Perspex supplied next day. What a world we live in! Spray painted with a handcut logo. Saving budget and time.
The perspex is set in place as the trim is glued on. Nothing too difficult, keeping it simple.

And check it out! Ready to mount in place.
A bog standard 12v LED strip is attached behind the perspex to glow 
Ok a late night of working, this is looking excellent! Notice the cabinet protector/frame made in the same way
Tomorrow the pinball machine gets transported to the degree show space!

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