Thursday, 5 February 2015

MyPinballs: Day 2

Placement/Work Experience
26 - 28 January 

Read day one here.

Straight into day two - we spent some of the valuable time going over the different projects. We didn't want to spend the whole time on the restoration project, as that is just one of the parts of the business. However it's very hard to get stuck into working with everything in the time, so Jim kindly spent a huge part of the day going over the other areas of the company.

This overview helped me understand the different areas of myPinballs but also a quick run through about how these different systems work.

Overview: Revenge From Mars - saucer modification kit
Modification for the saucers - really great to see it in action after having seen online. Mod by myPinballs.

Video from myPinballs YouTube channel

Overview: Squawk & Talk - Bally sound board reproduction

The Squawk & Talk board is a replacement board for early 80s Bally games. This is in the prototype and testing stage. Custom hardware by myPinballs.

Video from myPinballs YouTube channel

Overview: Elektra Restoration

As well as having one of the Squawk & Talk boards installed, I got to see Jim's work on restoring this 1981 game. I must say it looks totally great so far - need to make sure I get a shot when it is complete. Restoration by myPinballs.

Overview: Indiana Jones - Software Rewrite with P-ROC

There was some updated DMD screen files to be uploaded to the Indiana Jones which is an ongoing rewrite project - this was great for me to see how to work with the files on the laptop - and move them over to the game which is connected to a local network. We did some comparisons before the files were transferred and after and Jim noted minor issues. Custom software by myPinballs.
The new colour DMD's by Eric look great. More about this over on Pinside.

Twilight Zone playfield restore continued

After lunch we continued with the Twilight Zone restoration - making good progress - and realising we may finish up in the time I was there. Restoration by myPinballs.
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All work shown here courtesy of myPinballs.

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