Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Ideas: Pinbox

Pinbox is a concept / kind of in progress project / event / exhibition / tournament.

Pinbox is a fun artist led project using simple mechanical, experimental play through the medium of pinball.

A basic kit of a pinball game and balls is provided to the artist (I propose to make a few example machines as proof of concept). The artist is free to alter, add, customise the game in anyway to make their own - more interesting - game.

The parts would be custom made and totally adaptable. The shape and basic working mechanics are the only constant but things can be added, altered etc.

The Protoype Kit
The lasercut MDF prototype
The kit should either be supplied flat pack with Ikea style instructions or be easy to take apart and reassemble. The game is designed with simplicity in mind - ideas that maybe it can just be slotted together (instead of glue) and therefore could be stored/transported flat.

The simplicity continues through gameplay and this is to encourage the artist to add their own alterations to make gameplay more interesting as well as or part of their artwork.

Some more about the prototype itself in the Flippin' Protoypes post.

There would be a minimum of 4 machines as part of this project (the more the better, imagine 20!?). These would be exhibited side by side at a gallery or event space. Each would be totally different / fun / explore an idea in it's own right.

Similar exhibition formats

Used & Abused, Centrespace, Bristol
Skate art exhibition - Art on broken skate boards by 50 Illustrators.

Toys, The Christmas Steps Gallery, Bristol
Interactive exhibition of all things playful and fun. Over 30 contemporary artists and illustrators creating a mixture of printed and three dimensional toys, puzzles, knick knacks, games, whirligigs, mobiles, zim zams, plushies, doodads, fandangles and much more..
More on this to come including some mock ups of possible machines...

What's this all about?
This post is from my journal on MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking.
I am currently proposing a project based around arcade games, specifically Pinball (see list of posts about Pinball).

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