Monday, 22 December 2014


This is an ongoing list of a series of posts as part of my journal on MA Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking.

I am currently proposing a project based around arcade games, specifically Pinball. This post will be kept up to date will all posts about the project.

The dates are when the posts were published on the blog - although may have been written prior to that date and/or edited after.

List last updated 22/1/15

Assignment Brief.
Assignment Brief (developing practice module) 3/12/14

Pinball: Play 18/12/14 
Festive Pinball Gathering 2014 29/12/14
Newport Mini Comp 14/12/14
New Year Robot Bash 31/12/14 
Full Throttle Launch 16/1/15 
The 12 Hour High Score Shootout 19/1/15

Pinball: Documentaries 1/12/14 
Pinball: Community 3/1/15 

Build & Design.
Interaction design (workshop - first test with flipper) 10/11/14
Movement and Mechanisms (workshop - test mechanical flippers) 20/11/14 
Floating Flippers  18/12/14
Flippin' Prototypes 7/1/15
Pinbox 7/1/15 
Designing Laser-Cut for Flat Pack: Resources & Tools  14/1/15
Improved Flippers 22/1/15

Professional Practice.
Heighway Pinball Factory Visit 9/12/14
Professional Practice Module  14/1/15
myPinballs - Work Experience 5/2/2015

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