Friday, 2 December 2011

Retro 80s print madness

If you were following my blogs about frantically building a stand and printing for the Craft Fair last month, you may have noticed a bit of silence since then. Been busy as usual...

The stand looked great and the prints sold well. So well that my new set of cards is practically sold out over the weekend, the remaining sets are for sale at North Rock Gallery in Lerwick. Pictured below is the stand (built with loads of help from my dad), pictures of the Top Toys of the 80's cards and some pictures of some new lino cuts I have been working on.

My prints are always available to buy online at my Etsy store. There is still time to order for Christmas and if you leave me a nice note I will throw in a free card or postcard.
My stand at Craft Fair, Clickimin Centre November 2011
Top Toys of the 80's - set of 4 limited edition hand screenprinted cards
Top Toys of the 80's - set of 4 limited edition hand screenprinted cards
Colour one complete - 200 cards in total
Printing the 4 designs at the same time right onto cut and creased card to save time
The final set of prints 50 of each design
New Prints: To continue on the 80s theme this week I have also been working on some more 80s inspired print, but this time lino print. VHS tape and Scalextric. Good memories.
VHS tape linocut
Scalextrics linocut
The first official prints on my Iron Cast press.
The final prints. More lino coming soon...

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