Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Sprickle an' Peester

Today I realised I haven't posted any projects done while on my placement @ Shetland Arts for a while - so here is a recent one to share. I have been working on the exhibition design for Bonhoga Gallery's Christmas exhibition which is titled "Sprickle an' Peester" (Yup, another Shetland Dialect project - (see my recent "Ganzie" print) - Sprickle an' Peester translates to 'Wriggle and Squeal'!?)

The gallery team asked me to do a typographic treatment paper cut which would be used on the poster and invites for the exhibition. The first thing I did was a really rough sketch of the layout and style on paper. I wanted the type to be quite crisp so this sketch was scanned and used as a base guide to work on top of in Illustrator with a font which was similar to what I had in mind. I then set about manipulating the type and adding the extra glyphs to make the vector guide marks. This process animated below:

The next step was to cut the design from paper - to get the delicate handmade qualities desired for the final artwork. This was an awesome Friday afternoon project!

The cut out paper was placed on top of red card and scanned before setting out the poster design in InDesign, adding appropriate information and logos.

Now time to go and put finishing touches to my Co:Lab submission for the Exhibition...