Monday, 31 May 2010

Co:Lab - Alphabet

Co:Lab's most ambitious project to date, Alphabet, where each member is asked to produce a custom typeface and produce three prints each with two colours showcasing their alphabet in different ways: Complete Alphabet, Pangram and Big Up a letter of your choice. Below is my alphabet process:

My plan here was to use existing typefaces, some standard, novelty, overused etc, cut them up and reconstruct them to make something new and exciting out of the original letters. Legibility is not an issue here, I want to destroy these typefaces!

The points were traced onto paper and I began the dissection process joining up the points, then cutting. This was also an experiment with papercut screenprinting separations (as opposed to printed acetates, which has always been a problem for me):

I kept the insides of the letters intact with the notion to use these to print too, but when it came to printing time I opted for acetate for the pangram and big letter print due to the time constraints of the project.

The final screenprints:

The Full Alphabet - which used the papercut to expose to screen.

Full Alphabet Close Up:

Big Letter:

Big Letter Close Up: