Thursday, 7 January 2010

Co:Lab Prints

We are happy to announce the Co:Lab prints are on display for a month from 12 January @ Bonhoga Gallery Cafe, Weisdale Mill, Shetland.
For more info see pics and description below and also check the Co:Lab Blog.

Beto + Jono

Andrew + Jono

Jono + Beto

Jono + Andrew

Andrew + Beto

Beto + Andrew

Jono SandliandsBetoAndrew Morrison

These six prints are the results of a collaborative experiment spanning a total of six weeks. Basic rules were set and the time restriction put in place – one week for each step.

STEP 1 – Each produce an A4 illustration to be printed one colour. These, upon completion, are passed to one of the other co:lab members.
STEP 2 – The challenge here in the second week is to take the piece created and entrusted to you by your co:lab colleague and produce a second illustration to be printed one colour directly on top of the prints of the artwork they have been allocated.
STEP 3 – Take the six illustrations and print them together with their other halves producing three final pieces.

These three weeks three steps were then repeated. However this time in step 2 we each worked from the illustration by whomever they hadn't first time around. For example in the first round Jono created a second layer for Beto's piece. In the second round he did likewise for Andrew's piece.

The experiment was to challenge and inspire us in unexpected ways. Individually we have learned different things from the experience but together we have found ourselves varying our approach, adapting our styles to meet the challenges of another's, seeing how colours complement and which combinations best support the merging illustrative approaches.