Tuesday, 8 December 2009

A is for Award!

So after a long wait, I received my award from YCN through the post this week.
Colour matched to my wall?

YCN are a creative agency who run the annual YCN Student Awards, and as part of my final year studies at Grays School of Art (2008-09) I worked on a brief to encourage people to play more ping pong. My results can be seen on my site here, or on the YCN "A is for Awards" archive. I suggest you have a look at the video on my site to give you an idea how it works.

It was very exciting unpacking this. It's made of solid rubber, its quite heavy!
Was a surprise to find enclosed an excellent poster of all the winners heads cut n' pasted onto a pretty awesome background.
And another new addition to my studio is a print by a Co:Lab colleague, New Dead Language, as part of his Belonging set.
Looking good! Thanks YCN and Andrew!