Monday, 23 November 2009

Thinking outside the box

When freelance journalist, Chris Cope, got in touch with me about photography for a football magazine, I immediately thought, eh no. . .

But after hearing the brief for the job, I thought it was something I would be able to do. We had to capture the antics and goings on of UK's most northerly football team, Unst FC.
The spreads from the magazine below:
Along with capturing the action of the team, this was my first time doing sports photography, I used the match as an experiment and to take photos in the same way I would approach photography for live music, which I feel is probably my comfort zone in this area. I got some interesting shots in this way, and can see definite links between how people move their bodies playing sports, and playing a show at a gig. I think these ideas could make a good series of prints.

Another concept I had for capturing the team was by using Lomography, after the game I passed around the Lomo Fisheye camera, letting the team play around and take photos themselves of themselves. This could have been better executed throughout the day I think, and I only realized how these could be used after gathering the pictures, see below.
Cheers to Chris and Football Punk.